My life for a song

Published by Unknown under , , , , , , on sâmbătă, martie 21, 2009

Shakin time, she needs
Taking somewhere.
Let's lose our minds, no hurry.
I'm the wakeful night, with dreams...or something.

Chasing blue sky,
We're chasing blue sky.

Taking time from all this worry,
Mesmerized by the waves of your smile.
I wish that I could say something,
But you're the rose colored glass I see through,
I'll see you through.

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ARIPI DE FLUTURE spunea... @ 21 martie 2009, 18:57

foarte faina:)ce dulce e

Unknown spunea... @ 22 martie 2009, 23:07

hehe..facea curatenia de primavara.

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